Wishing that the week that was...wasn’t... but then again...

Flavia PotenzaBy Flavia Potenza      June 10, 2022

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Wishing that the week that was...wasn’t... but then again...
Adam Silbar has been MC of the Topanga Days Fair for 12 years.
A tree falls, a beloved friend dies, you total your car. Sadness, grief, and a body slam, all in a close time frame. The 300-year-old oak tree falling was sad to see; sadder stil was watching its stately companion whittled down to 30 feet and a couple of branches in hopes it would live. My body is not broken, just bruised and everything hurts. All I can do is hope to heal. ER exams, X-rays and blood draws say I’m okay. The nurses and staff say yes but you’re going to hurt like hell. I wish that sequential time period hadn’t happened. I’m used to less challenging challenges, ones that challenge my skills, my place in the world, not my active body and brain that manifests all that. In physically compromised protest, I raised a fist halfway, winced and vowed, come hell or high water, I was going to publish the Friday, June 10 edition of The Canyon Chronicle.
It’s Topanga Days weekend. Obviously I didn’t go. All I wanted was to take a nap...then another. On Memorial Day, we were looking for photos, especially for the cover. We found Denis Hannigan’s photos flooding his Facebook page. Oh, if only.... But someone whispered in Hannigan’s ear to ask if we could use one for a cover and before I knew it, link after link to photos depicting the most extraordinary reflection of the intended spirit of Topanga Days, Parade and all, arrived in my email. “Use what you want,” Hannigan said.
Topanga Royalty Randy Just and Linda Hendricks can claim that title for their years of hard work and dedicated volunteerism.
Holding on tight to the Topanga Lumber float, Antony Bartlett, a Topanga resident for 17 years, visited from Oregon just to be in the Memorial Day Parade
It still hurts to laugh. But I did. And cried, then whooped. When the pain whooped back, I stopped, but the joy of the moment didn’t and never will. We had our cover and Nira made this page sparkle with a montage of Hannigan’s photos...and Topanga Days 2022 came to me.
Above: Dr. Benjamin LaBrot with daughter Aya. Left: Edison Park’s Tae Kwan Do students demonstrate their skills.
Flavia Potenza
      June 10, 2022

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