Women’s Retreat into Self-Discovery and Healing

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Women’s Retreat into Self-Discovery and Healing
From bottom left to top right, Ali Ofstedl, Simone Niederberghaus with her horse, Regalo, and Helen Denham.
Three “Ladies of the Canyon,” have created a one-day women’s retreat on Thursday, September 19, for a day of reflection, community, bonding, and deeply connecting with nature and the beautiful horses at La Esperanza Ranch in Topanga. Three different people and three different methods tap into energetic healing to “become the best versions of ourselves,” as empowerment coach Helen Denham describes it. Hosting the event with Denham are intuitive healer and astrologer, Ali Ofstedal; and Equine Leadership coach Sabine Niederberghaus with her Lusitano and Andalusian horses, who are teachers and healers in their own right. Helen Denham is a women’s empowerment coach, writer, and singer. As a certified Behavior Change Specialist and Reiki II healer, her mission now is to embolden her community to design the lives they truly desire through mindfulness, energetic healing, and clear intention. An advocate for empowering women and girls, Helen previously served as the chair of UN Women’s YP Committee in NYC and has hosted multiple fundraisers to directly aid our sisters across the globe. Helen also hosts the “Lifted” podcast, a space to explore consciousness, holistic healing, and becoming the best versions of ourselves. Her most recent offering is an online self-mastery course called “Cultivating Confidence.” (helendenham.com) Ali Ofstedal is an intuitive shamanic healer, intuitive astrologer, and mentor who guides her clients to connect and anchor into their soul blueprint. “Together, we navigate an inward journey of self-discovery through astrology, quantum and intuitive healing practices to bring you back into alignment and your most authentic self.” She offers tailored one-on-one sessions based on her clients’ needs. (aliofstedal.com) Sabine Niederberghaus runs the Equine Leadership Program in Topanga, California, at La Esperanza Ranch, which she and her husband built 27 years ago with “our bare hands.” As an experienced horsewoman, she discovered the inherent healing and trust that comes with connecting to a horse’s energy. “Nothing has taught me more about myself than my honest, reflective, and majestic four-legged teachers. It’s been beautiful to see how our horses reveal something new about each individual in this program. When a human and a horse enter a journey together, two inner worlds unite and both hearts awaken. It is our joy to be able to share this space and our beautiful horses with you now.” (equineleadershipprogram.com) The day begins with introductions and a Welcoming Ceremony, followed by a meditation by the pool. Guests then enjoy a break with a catered lunch before they delve into afternoon sessions of Creating and Coding an Altar Piece; A Subconscious Healing Journey; Yoga Flow; and a magical session of trust building with the horses. Space is limited. Cost: $888. To Register: equineleadershipprogram@gmail.com (Guests will be given location upon registration
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September 3, 2021